Excel VBS Kerala

Excel VBS Kerala

We hope to find you all good health, special joy and peace from our Lord Jesus Christ. Excel Ministries, a registered charitable society in India, with a purpose of the spiritual and moral edification of children. As you know that, the percentage of Christians in India is only 2.5% even after all the proclamation and claims.
In some villages of India, they never heard of the name Jesus once in there lifetime. But more or less 75% of adult are heard of Jesus. But the young generation between 4/14 are not even heard of Jesus (they are the most unreached people group in the world even).
As our children live with all securities and abundance, there are millions of children are throwned out, torn down, kidnapped, raped and mishandled, others lack nutrition and care. Who are responsible for their life? Have you ever thought of their life and future? Don't you have plans and strategies for your little ones? But who will think of these little kids desperate and neglected by the society and parents?
As God put a burden about this young generation into our heart, we couldn't even wait for a moment. We have stepped out of our own territories and said to the Lord; "Lord here we are, use us according to your plan and projects"!
It was amazing to see how God has blessed us to reach these younger generations with the love of Christ Jesus. Every year we share the love of Christ to more than 55000 children across India. More over, we love them and becoming one among them. Beside these we have special program for the kids & youth through publication and other media like VCD, DVD, TV Programmes, we are reaching niche of the younger once.
Still our heart is beating for bigger and wider spectrum of the young group.

Hope you will keep us in your prayers and support us.

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How you can help us

Just call at +1 404 259 8818 to make a donation

Children Homes

CNI is a place where orphans, semi-orphans, destitute, financially backward castes children are being transformed to lead lives on their own and start helping ones in need of desperate care. We are devoted to taking care of orphaned, abandoned and underprivileged children with little or no hope for survival.

Odisha Children Homes

CNI have three children homes in Odisha i.e. Girls home in Boriguma, Koraput distric, Boys home in Sunebeda and Dasmandpur.

Bangladesh Children Home

CNI have two children schools in Bangladesh i.e Little Star children's school Gopalgong and Rainbow Children's school in Faridpur.

West Bengal Children Home

West Bengal boys home is consists of orphan, semi orphan and economically poor children from surrounding villages.

Pakistan Children Home

Operations in Lahore is on its initial stages. CNI have a day care and school facility in Lahore. Praying for God’s guidance in this area.